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Ample space for office, industry, or warehouse is a prerequisite to a successful and efficient business. Your nature of work may be as varied as financial, legal, or medical; at Ferm Associates, we bring you a range of office and industry spaces that can complement your work culture and demands. With us, you can find the best official and industrial set-up in Wilmington, DE. Some of the general questions are listed here to provide you with the right insight. Our comprehensive answers will surely help you out.

What are corporate, business, and industrial services?

A corporate service is a term that is primarily referred to as the services that commercial real estate brokers offer companies. These services are all about acquiring office or warehouse space through lease or purchase, disposing of extra space through a sale and opting for alternate financing through leaseback and consulting.

In which city do you offer your services?

Ferm Associates is one of the leading providers for industrial and office spaces in Wilmington, DE. We have a vast experience of more than 35 years in helping businesses find the most efficient space according to the needs and demands of their specific industry. Our team is dedicated to meeting all of your demands and requirements. From small to large executive areas, and from warehouse space to storage space requirements, we live up to your expectation and vision in the most professional manner.

Why do I need a broker?

Sellers and landlords usually rely on a broker to represent them in the matters of sale or lease negotiation. Buyers and tenants can focus entirely on their company while a professional helps them find their ideal space. With brokers, the process is easy and meets an affordable budget. Brokers can prove to be exceedingly helpful, even during the lease renewals. They can often negotiate some alluring benefits, like higher construction allowances and more lease flexibility.

Why should I choose Ferm Associates?

Ferm Associates is run by a dynamic team who helps companies and industries find their ideal working space. Our dedicated employees are fully committed to assisting people when it comes to the office spaces renting and buying procedure.

What kind of properties are listed on your website?

We list a range of commercial and industrial office spaces. Our listings include everything from new, resale, under construction, and upcoming properties. Whether you are looking for executive suites, shared office, Class A office or Business Park, an industrial center, and flex space, at Ferm Associate, we have it all.

What does the term ‘Leasehold Property’ mean?

When a piece of property is given or ‘leased’ to an individual for a stipulated period, by the owner of the property, the property is referred to as Leasehold Property. A certain amount is fixed to be paid as lease premium, which rests the land ownership rights with the Lessor.

Can corporate bodies use residential properties as office space?

It is against the law to use residential properties for commercial and business functions. It is always advisable to understand the needs and demands of your work to function efficiently. In a residential set-up, an office and industry can’t possibly function.

How to determine the best office space for Wilmington, DE businesses?

If you are planning to shift your office location, or for that matter open up a Wilmington, DE office space, you must pay heed to the demands and requirements of your work culture. You must find the right space for your business and take some time to search around for an ideal location.

How quickly would I receive a call from you after placing my requirement?

You would receive a call back from us within the shortest possible time. Place your inquiry with us to include all of the required information and rest assured to you will receive our services at the fastest possible time. We are extremely prompt and reliable, thus trust us to be at your service sooner than any other company would.

Can you fulfill custom-made demands?

We ensure to take care of our clients’ every need and make sure to go with the vision of our clients unflinchingly. So, no matter what your industry demands, or requirements are, we offer tailor-made spaces entirely per your conviction. We are indeed the one-stop solution for all kinds of office and industrial space requirements.


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