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Flex Space in Wilmington, DE

Flex space is one of the most ideal options for various industries. It is an evolved, modern, well-equipped space that significantly contributes to the efficiency of the industry. The flex space has grown from the light industrial warehouses and is now being used as office spaces. Generally, the businesses that prefer flex spaces are: plumbing, electrical, dotcoms, and mechanic shops. Companies have realized a large percentage of their cubes are usually unoccupied, some days to the extent of up to 50%. Some employees travel for work and some take off for vacation, while there are some who prefer to work from home. Thus, these days companies avoid investing in leasing and buying more office spaces. In such a scenario, flex space facilitates a working environment that will have a large occupancy of cube space, leaving no wasted or free space.

Ferm Associates helps industries find the right kind of flex space for leasing for various industrial purposes. If you are tired of expensive leasing space, we certainly bring you the best practical solutions in the form of adequate flex spaces.

Flex spaces are single story properties and come with multiple units. The parking area in flex space is adequate to support the units that are built to be completely flex space offices. Flex space started to gain popularity in late 1990 when office tenants began to discern that they offer more significant benefits over traditional office buildings.

When you go for a flex building or flex space, you enter into a unit where there is no shared building lobby area and no common area hallways. Thus, your used square footage is essentially your rentable square footage, while an ordinary building square footage mark up factor is around 15%. Ferm Associates specializes in flex space leasing and renting in Wilmington. We can help you find the right flex space that meets your needs and requirements.

Let Ferm Associates find the best flex building matching all of your needs. Flex space has undoubtedly become one of the most preferred work spaces for various industries. Undoubtedly, with all of their facilities and flexibilities, you will find that flex space is truly exemplary. If you are looking for a solution that won’t let you break the bank, and yet prove to be efficient, then we can indeed help you locate the best kind of flex spaces to match your industry needs.

Here are some of the flex building benefits

  • Lower gross-up factors
  • Lower realty taxes
  • No elevator costs or wait times
  • Tenant signage
  • Higher ceiling heights
  • Build-to-suit
  • High-profile locations
  • Control building amenities
  • An affordable solution
  • Used for multiple purposes

Find The Best Flex Space For Your Business


Varied Industrial Space

Ferm Associates offers a diverse range of industrial space leasing services along with flex spaces. We bring you the best options to accommodate all kinds of commercial space needs for various industries.



You can spot some of the best industrial centers at the best locations, meeting your industrial activities and needs quite incredibly. We can surely help you locate the most excellent centers with excellent infrastructure and security facilities.




Your search for the shop space is over with Ferm Associates solution. We can help you locate shop space for expanding your business with the one that will fulfill your demands.



A one-stop solution for all Your flex space Leasing Needs

Flex space is regarded as the best location for many reasons. Finding the right commercial space for the function of your business is essential. Flex spaces are built with a multitude of benefits. They are built to provide you a space that can fulfill and accommodate all of your needs.

With more than 35 years of experience in the office space business, let us help you find your ideal flex space. Our experienced team is knowledgeable, dedicated, and will help you take your business to the next level. Having spent so many years in the industry, we organically understand the need of our clients and find them the perfect space for their business. The need for an affordable commercial space solution is quite high, and we fully acknowledge that. We work hard to bring you the best leasing options that meet your exact needs.

With our flex space leasing solutions, you will surely gain access to an exceptional set-up filled with facilities and utilities. A good set-up can easily carry out your industrial activities and help your business thrive beyond your expectations. We aim to help you find a flex space that will give you ample opportunities for growth and success.

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