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Tri-State Industrial Center in Wilmington, DE

Ferm Associates provides a professional, customer-focused approach to industrial leases and rentals in Wilmington, DE. We’re committed to helping you find just the right space for all of your company‘s production, transportation and storage requirements that works within your budget.  You shouldn’t have to adjust your business to fit your industrial work space; you deserve a solution that will match your specific needs to help your business run as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Unlike standard office buildings, industrial centers offer enhanced, more efficient transportation and communication in a location that’s just far enough from the crowded city.  If you’re tired of wasting money on an expensive lease or settling for a space that fails to meet your specific industry needs, then Ferm Associates has the solution, offering the best, most-equipped industrial spaces in the area.

Industrial centers provide facilities that accommodate a mix of production, storage and distribution services.  They are ideally located just outside the metro area for convenient access to the city without enduring all the limitations on transportation. These parks are structured to bring together complementary services and features that benefit the companies that occupy the space there, such as excellent shipping and delivery provisions, as well as areas for cranes, trucks and other heavy lifting equipment.  They provide a cost-effective solution to your industrial rental needs.

We’ll consider a number of factors when helping you find the perfect industrial space in Wilmington, DE.  These components come with our commitment to having the best possible understanding of your business and your industry needs. From the proximity to your suppliers and customers to potential plans for a build out or specific power and utility requirements, we will help you find the right space and location for your business goals.

Industrial Centers are now considered one of the best facility solutions for various industries because of the resources and flexibility they provide.

What are the benefits of leasing an Industrial Center?

    • Affordable commercial rental solution with more versatility
    • Excellent location options and transportation accommodations without the city’s traffic implications
    • Removed from the crowded city for more simplified shipping and distribution
    • Availability of infrastructure facilities such as electricity, water, telecom, etc.
    • A cost-efficient solution for companies of any size


Our industrial center I comprised of 27,000 sf of rentable space, this space includes 5 buildings with units that are perfectly suited for your business and space options available range from 720sf – 2,880sf. Includes one roll-up door and bathroom per suite. Door heights ranging from 10-14′ with ceiling heights ranging from 12-18′


24 Hour Availability Front Loading
Air Conditioning Signage


Lighting – Fluorescent Gas – Natural
Sewer – County Sewer Heating – Gas
Water – County Water

Lease the Best Industry Center in Wilmington, DE

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At Ferm Associates, you will find flexible leasing prices, affordable and comfortable office space options for all types of businesses and enterprises.  We offer a wide array of extensive commercial leasing options to accommodate various industries, including business parks and flex spaces.



Find business parks at the best locations for your various work needs with our affordable leasing options. We can help you locate the best cost-effective commercial space with one-of-a-kind amenities and a productive work environment for your employees.




If you’re searching for the flex space in the Wilmington area, we can help you locate and lease flex space for your growing business that’s progressive, modern, and fully-equipped to help you meet all your unique demands.



Find the Industrial Center that Meets All Your Requirements

Whether you’re just starting up or are already established in your market, in order to be efficient, you have to have the right commercial space to conduct your business. Industrial Centers are designed specifically for enterprises with the intent of providing the space and convenience needed to operate your business successfully. From chemical plants and plastic manufacturers to food and beverage processors, your property can be your greatest asset, helping you get your business take off quickly and profitably.

In over 35 years of renting commercial spaces to businesses, we’ve developed the experience and understanding to help you find the perfect space for your various industrial needs. Our team is made up of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the field, bringing innovation and a unique perspective to help take your business success to another level. We’ve developed comprehensive of our customers’ distinct industries as well as the best locations available. We understand the need for any business to find a commercial space solution that fits their budget, which is why we’re committed to bringing you leasing options that match your specific needs through a quick and efficient process.

with our various solutions for industrial center leasing, you’ll find a well-equipped facility that helps you perform your industrial processes and achieve all your business goals with continued growth for years to come.

To learn more about our small warehouse and shop spaces, call Ferm Associates today at 302-792-1100.

Tri-State Industrial Park

North Wilmington.
950 Ridge Road • Claymont, DE 19703

DuPont Highway Industrial Park

South Wilmington.
4060 DuPont Highway • New Castle, DE19720

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