Coworking Office Space Solution for Businesses

Find Highly Affordable Coworking Space in Wilmington, DE

Coworking is an emerging office space model where individuals or companies work independently or in collaboration in a shared space. It is perfect for small businesses, freelancers, telecommuters, and for companies that need accommodations for their extra employees. For companies that cannot comfortably afford the working space and facilities of a professional space, coworking offers an affordable solution. The cost of having a fully furnished and ultra-polished working space can be overwhelming for many companies. In such scenarios, the coworking office space offers the right solution. Ferm Associates specializes in finding office space solutions for all size businesses and provides them with solutions matching their needs, budget, and goals.

Ferm Associates has been providing flexible office space solutions to businesses in Wilmington, DE for the past 35 years. We strive to help companies find that perfect working space for conducting their business efficiently. The coworking model works in various ways and are available with flexible rates. Some charge for just the specific utilities while others have a flat-rate membership and fee structure. One of the best things about coworking environments is that they offer a wide range of options to suit individual needs. So, if you are looking for a flexible office space lease, let Ferm Associates help you find that perfect space for meeting your exact needs.

Ferm Associates is familiar with all kinds of business models and we know what a business needs in an office space. We offer tailor-made solutions, catering to individual company needs for efficiency, budget, and flexibility. Let our expert team find you the solution you need to conduct your business and thrive.

Coworking Facilities Include:

  • Shared workspaces with other businesses
  • 24/7 access to the workstation
  • Rentable conference rooms or boardrooms.
  • Access to facilities like Wi-Fi, communal printer/copier/fax
  • Shared kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, and other facilities
  • Networking and collaborating opportunities
  • A sense of community and no feeling of loneliness
  • Work in an established office space
  • Flexibility to work at will
  • Affordable rates and comfortable working space
  • Positive working environment

Find Your Dream Coworking Office Space in Wilmington, DE


Ferm Associates offers office space leasing and renting services to businesses in Wilmington, DE. We offer three types of executive suites including Small Business, Shared Space, and Coworking. Each of the different office space options comes with excellent benefits to meet your needs.



Executive suites for small businesses and individuals offer a lot of flexibility both in space and price. You can enjoy all of the top-notch facilities and amenities at very affordable prices. Ferm Associates can help you find that perfect commercial space for your small business.




Shared Space is one of the best options for a small business, start-ups, and freelancers. It helps in saving money, and it offers a lot of facilities and amenities at very affordable prices. With Shared Space you get the opportunity for learning, networking, and building business opportunities.


Highly Affordable Coworking Flexible Workplace Solution For Businesses

Find Quick Office Space Solutions from Ferm Associates in Wilmington, DE

Ferm Associates provides top quality office space solutions to a wide range of businesses. Our Executive Suites solution includes a coworking office space option that offers the perfect solution for your office space needs. With more than 35 years of experience in the field, we help you locate the best place to lease or rent for your business. Whether you are a business or individuals looking for a unique solution, rely on our expertise for a quick and sure solution. Let us match your need for flexibility, high affordability, efficiency, and an excellent environment for working with our turnkey solution.

We offer office solutions for either your long or short-term needs. You don’t have to sign complicated leasing agreements or spend a lot of money on leasing a desirable office space. We can help you find a space in your budget and at the location, you are looking for. One of the best aspects of coworking is the low cost of renting. We will help you receive maximum benefits out of it. You will love your new working space with extensive facilities, like high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, great views, a safe environment, and efficient space, at the best affordable rates you can get.

Coworking offers you the chance to land in a working space at a reduced price without compromising on quality, efficiency, or performance. Keeping up with the changing landscape of the modern workplaces, Ferm Associates has solutions that meet your unique needs. We have a practical and affordable solution that will help you stay efficient and up-to-date with the latest trends, and that will grow your career/business at the pace you want.

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