Affordable Shared Office Space Rentals for Businesses

Let Ferm Associates Find You the Best Solution for Shared Office Space Rentals.

Shared offices are perfect for start-ups and small businesses hoping to gain a footing in the highly competitive market. Traditional office set-ups may not be such a great idea for small companies, especially start-ups. The expenses of commercial office spaces are too much for the small sized businesses.  Renting a shared office space offers you the chance to have a professional space at a very affordable rate. Ferm Associates has served businesses in Wilmington, DE for the past 35 years, helping them find the perfect shared office space to conduct their business efficiently.

If you are a start-up and looking for a quick solution for your office space rentals or leasing an shared office space, rely on our expertise. We will find a space that meets your business goals, works witin your budget and all this without compromising on the quality. Shared offices rentals offers the efficiency and comfort of a corporate office without breaking the bank. Several start-ups have moved their business from their garage office to a more polished shared office space and have continued to grow since then. You could be the next business! Let us help you make a smooth transition with our unique solutions.

We understand that every business is different and needs a solution that caters to their unique needs. Ferm Associates can quickly find you the best rental shared office space option that will meet your requirements for efficiency, budget, and privacy. Our expertise in the field of office space leasing solutions help us to deliver the best options and to exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Renting a Shared Office Space:

  • Low overhead on office space with excellent facilities
  • Shared office spaces in the best locations in Wilmington, DE
  • Fast and easy set-up while customized for your needs
  • Complete with utilities, supplies, and amenities at highly affordable rates
  • Say goodbye to complicated lease agreements
  • Flexible downgrade and upgrade options
  • Security and support staff at the premises
  • Shared offices offer excellent networking opportunities

Find your Dream Shared Office Space in Wilmington, DE


Ferm Associates specializes in finding the perfect executive suites for businesses of all sizes. We offer three types of executive suites, including suites for the Small Business, Shared Office and Coworking. Each type comes with excellent benefits and meets your exact requirements.



Executive suites are perfect for small businesses and sole entrepreneurs. They offer all of the facilities and amenities at an affordable rate through Ferm Associates. We can help you locate office space to take your small business off the ground and to the next professional level.




Coworking is an excellent option for small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers. You can save money, access more facilities, enjoy amenities, and take your business off the ground without breaking the bank. We have the perfect solution for your affordable office space leasing needs. It also offers excellent learning, networking, and building business opportunities.



Shared Office Rental Solutions from Ferm Associates in Wilmington, DE

Ferm Associates provides fast and affordable office space rental solutions to a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, small businesses, freelancers, and large-scale industries. Shared office is one of the most efficient leasing options available for businesses that are looking for a cost-effective solution. With our shared office solution, you will enjoy incredible flexibility, high affordability, efficiency, and an excellent working environment. Our turnkey solution to your office space leasing needs will meet both your short and long-term goals. Ferm Associates has provided affordable office space solution for 35 years. Let our expert team help you find the office you want.

The best benefit of the shared office is the availability of low rentals. You share the infrastructure and facilities with the other established business. This scenario reduces your operational cost considerably. The real question is how to find the perfect shared office. Our team at Ferm Associates has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you find the right solution to your needs. We can help you locate an office space that you can share with like-minded people in a great location. You can utilize facilities like the high-speed internet or Wi-Fi, great views, safe environment, efficient space, all without worrying about any additional maintenance charges.

Shared office space rentals offers a perfect opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to find professional working space without compromising on the quality, efficiency, or performance. With the ever-changing office spaces and corporate cultures, the need for a flexible working space has led to the emergence of shared working space. It is both practical and efficient. Ferm Associates stays up-to-date with the latest trends and helps in bringing the best solution for businesses of all sizes.

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