Professional Office Space or Starbucks?

A Potential Client Wants to Meet

The phone rang. It is a potential client, yes! They want to learn more about your product or services. They want to schedule a meeting. You start thinking about a good meeting location. In the back of your mind, you grimace. You proceed to offer a Starbucks meeting. Has your value increased, decreased, or stayed neutral in the mind of the prospect?

This is the question many Delaware small business owners have to ask themselves. Without that Wilmington, DE office space address, you feel stressed every time you  have to meet with a client. It is not your ideal way to do business but you have to do it.

Here are some things that can offset the lack of office space:

  • Dress well and look like a pro
  • Be early to find the perfect spot
  • Be Prepared with all of your materials
  • Greet with a smile and firm handshake
  • Offer to buy their favorite drink
  • Ask questions about obstacles  they are facing
  • Listen & Seek to understand first
  • Smile
  • Offer your solution
  • Close the deal

Small business owners can ramp up their professionalism, and earn trust faster with a professional office space. Trust is the very first thing you need to establish. We are all risk averse. Start crumbling the wall of fear and build credibility.

If you are looking for a fully serviced office in Wilmington, DE, Ferm Associates has many flexible options for you. We have yearly, and monthly options. Need a virtual office? No problem with that either.

If you would like to learn more about our Delaware office spaces for rent, please call (302) 793-9910.